Why is Kyrie the Bad Guy??? Part 1

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Before I start, this will be part one and another part will be coming out tomorrow.


Why is everyone destroying Kyrie Irving for wanting a different team. He is a young player and we do not know what he can do on his own without Lebron. Now I know in the games he has played without Lebron he has a horrible record(4-18). I wrote about it in a previous post highlighting Lebron, but I believe people are viewing this in a clouded way. Lebron is a phenomenal player and leader, but a person will never shine under him. As long as you are the side kick to Lebron people will send the praise goes to him and not you. Lebron was the guy who said Kyrie should take the last shot in the 2016 Finals and he also has had a hand in who stays and goes in the organization as well. Kyrie wants to be on his own and away from Cleveland, but mainly away from Lebron. Before the 2014-2015 season, Kyrie was told that they were giving the team to him, but instead they went and signed Lebron. That can play on a person’s ego because the team lied to you about the direction they were going. Kyrie could not grow as a PG and had to fulfill a role under Lebron.

The only way to understand Kyrie is to look at it from his perspective. He is 25 years old and was the #1 draft pick in his class. He has been to three straight finals and also has a championship that he played a crucial role in. He has done everything a player wants to do at a very young age. The only difference is he did it while helping Lebron and not as the focal point of a team’s offense. If he went to a team like San Antonio or the Knicks, he would be the focal point of the offense because he would be the best offensive talent they have. Yes, the teams have better overall players, but they do not have a guy that can look Kyrie in the eye and say “I have a better chance of getting a bucket than you.” Kyrie can command that attention wherever he goes and he deserves it. He could wait it out and stay in Cleveland, but that team was crafted to fit around Lebron and not Kyrie. Kyrie needs to be around defensive minded guards and wings who can hide his deficiencies, and the Cavs do not have that if he stayed for the long term. Also why should he stay? He has wanted to leave for a long time and if he has learned anything from Lebron, is that you should control your destiny.

Playing with Lebron is a stressful situation and I think Kyrie is too young to put his ego to the side to like Kevin Love did. Love went through multiple years of being the best guy on a losing team and failing to make the playoffs. That is why I think he is cool with being a sidekick because he knows how it feels to lose for years at a time and waste away your prime. Kyrie was trying to find his way in the league and during that time, Lebron was added to his situation without ownership letting him know. The team that was there with Kyrie without Lebron was a bad experiment. Kyrie with Dion Waiters was REALLY BAD and they did not fit well together. That makes his numbers during that timeframe really jaded because the chemistry on the court did not work. Even Lebron could not make it work with Waiters and people thought that Kyrie could. Kyrie wants a breath of fresh air and I think he deserves it.

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