The First Chess Move

170515-clift-virginia-tease_oavyihOn June 13, 2017 the first real chess move in politics will take place. Their would be important primary races in Virginia, for executive offices and state legislatures. If you live in Virginia this is extremely important to pay attention too because choosing the correct primary candidate means a lot in the general election. This year on the democratic side are two very different candidates for Governor and even though they are democrats, it would send a message to where Virginia’s democratic party will go. The lost in the Presidential election was a massive blow to Democrats across the nation. The people showed that the old regime “establishment” is not loved and a change is needed. Youth is needed within the party and to start here would be greatly needed on all levels. Virginia is going to be a swing state for years to come and that is contributed to the rapid development of Northern Virginia. The youth movement is real and many establishment leaders, have to come to terms with that and promote members who have the admiration of the college students. The party have already neglected the young members of their party and they cannot continue doing that. Also with two-thirds of the country’s Governorships belonging to Republicans, they must choose the right man.

Governor Candidates

Ralph Northam and Tom Perriello are the democratic candidates this year and they both are really good candidates. Both provide different attributes and political sway in different ways. Ralph Northam is an established Virginia politician. He won his first race in 2006 and has consistently been in office since that time. Perriello is a young Democrat, who has the backing of the nation’s biggest progressive leaders( Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders). Many of Perriello’s supporters are the younger parts of the Democratic Party. Northam has many of the established Virginia Democrats on his side like; Mark Warner and Tim Kaine. In Virginia this is crucial because many long time Democrats love those two, but they are not loved by many progressive for their moderate politics. With Northam having many of the state’s leaders on his side, it should be helpful, but on the national scene Perriello trounces him, and that signals something to me. Virginia needs to move younger and wash away the lost of the presidential election and become a truly progressive state. For that to happen, they would have to start garnering the attention of the nation’s progressive leaders. In my opinion Perriello would be the best choice from a pure optics standpoint.

Its not nice to say, but politicians play on the appearance of their positions and their candidates more than the actual policy. Perriello would present youth and a new vanguard in the state. Finding younger candidates who can help lead progressive policies and attention to the state would help the state in the long run. Northam is a dedicated worker for Virginia and its citizens. He has worked hard for many of the people there in regards to public health. He is veteran and would be a stable force that would continue the same steady trend the past three Democratic Governors made. Change is scary and voting for a different face harder to accomplish than many may think. People want to feel safe, but new ideas and perspectives are always needed with politics. Voting the same regime every four years without any regard to actual change defeats the purpose. On June 13, 2017 make sure you go out and vote for whomever you think embodies your politics. Making that decision on your own is something that nobody can take away from you. Being knowledgable of the candidates and knowing that your actions dictate the future is huge and you must take it seriously at a young age.



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