Best fit for 5 NBA Prospects

 The NBA draft is a great time for young promising prospects. Sixty guys will have their childhood dreams fulfilled and will become NBA players. The one thing that is lost in the process of the draft is where these guys go. Getting drafted can be a great thing, but if it is to the wrong situation than some of these guys will never progress. What would have been of Jahlil Okafor if he went to the Lakers and not the Sixers. The same goes for D’Angelo Russell, I thought the perfect fit for him was the Sixers, but the Lakers took him over Okafor. This year, I have five prospects who I would love to see in specific situations. Basketball is about chemistry and fit. If you are not in the right locker room environment, atmosphere, etc. then you can fail simply because of that. Your talent is not the only thing that can stop your progression, so lets jump into it.

Malik Monk: Philadelphia 76ers- Monk gets criticized mainly because of his size, but he can do something that many players in this draft cannot do. Monk is probably the most complete shooter/athlete in this draft. He is able to get his shot off on anyone, and Philadelphia needs a guy who can just simply score. Ben Simmons is going to be the point forward on this team, Brent Brown already stated this. With Simmons having this role than Monk does not need to have to be a Point Guard immediately. He can just worry about doing what he does best and that shooting the ball. The pick and roll that he can have with Simmons, but also with Embiid can be a very dangerous combination in the near future. Also the best thing I love about Monk is that he can shake off bad games, and hit clutch shots. The key example to this was in the Elite Eight versus the North Carolina. Monk and Fox were in foul trouble and playing really bad until the end. Monk made two three pointer to help tie the game up. He wants the ball and he can play off the ball. The Sixers need a guard who can play on and off the ball, but mainly they need shooting. Monk has that in him, but also can excite the fans with 8-0 runs by himself.

Jordan Bell: Warriors-  Jordan Bell is a very active and energetic player who got my attention the NCAA tournament. He plays with so much passion and defends the paint better than many players in this draft. This draft is lacking in the department. The Warriors need to find a cheap option to help play their rim protector when Green is not there. They already have a guy on the bench now, but having multiple guys can really help push competition. He has a great feel for the game and I see him as being a Tristan Thompson like player. He has to improve his defensive rebounding and put on more weight, but his passion will fit in well with this team. Bell is one of those guys who you look at and state you would love to play with that guy because you can see his passion. Guys who love to play the game and fill in their role are needed in the league. Bell just wants to win and be the best player he can for his team. His passion was shown after their lost to North Carolina in the Final Four, his miss box out was part of the reason they lost that game. What should be noted was his reaction after the game. Guys who display their love and passion after a lost sit with me because they are showing what this meant to them. Even though they could be on to the league after this game, they wanted to win that game. Bell is one of those guys, whose passion carries them further than the next guy.

Zach Collins: Wolves- Scouts love Lauri Markkannen because of his upside to be the quintessential stretch 5, but Zach Collins is that guy because he has a different level of tenacity. Collins to the Timberwolves will help the team because now they will have two guys who can be interchangeable. The NBA is changing to skilled players who can play and defend multiple positions. Collins can help balance out this team without them sacrificing something. He would be a great compliment to Towns because he can play outside and be a shooter, but he also can post up and let Towns play on the outside. The bigger impact that Collins would have on this team would be on the defensive side of the ball. He can switch off on many pick and rolls especially if its a forward or stretch big. His versatility is something that should be coveted more. The main downside about him is how eager he is as a defender. In the National Championship game, he hurt his team because of his foul trouble. Besides for that, he is a phenomenal talent and the Timberwolves need talent in their frontcourt, and he has shown his talent against the best and on the national stage.

Donovan Mitchell: Spurs- Now this is my favorite prospect in this draft and if you do not know who Donovan Mitchell is, go look up his highlights. He is an athletic FREAK!!!!!!!!! He is the best perimeter defender in this draft in my opinion, with a super high ceiling. His versatility on both ends of the floor can be utilized greatly by the Spurs. Donovan Mitchell has the potential to be the best perimeter defender in the NBA and combining him with Kawhi Leonard and Dejounte Murray could create havoc on opposing offenses. This is not the main reason why I want him to go to the Spurs. The Spurs have been a good team for years and that has helped them develop prospects. Mitchell’s shot has been hot and cold for the majority of his career. The Spurs helped Kawhi become the fantastic shooter that he has become today. Most of these prospects need to go to teams, who can take the time to help strengthen their weaknesses. If the Spurs traded up and took Mitchell than that would tell me they see promise in this man. Mitchell is 6’3 with a 6’10 wingspan and those measurable are amazing.

Luke Kennard: Cavaliers- I want to start this off by saying, “I HATE DUKE!!!!” After stating that, Luke Kennard is a great player because he is not a typical Duke prospect. He plays with a gritty game that seems very seamless. Watching him this year, he progressed tremendously since his freshman year. He has now been able to create space that helps him get his shot off from multiple areas, and thats why he would be great on the Cavaliers. The Cavs have to start getting younger in key spots, especially shooting. Luke Kennard is a tremendous shooter who plays well on and off the ball. He is similar to another Duke player, JJ Redick, The transition from NCAA to the NBA was a struggle for Reddick because he was supposed to be the “guy” beside Dwight Howard when he was not that. Redick is a great player, who will continue to have a career for multiple years because he is a knockdown shooter. Kennard is made in that mold, but he can handle the ball a bit. It hates me to say this because of my hatred for Duke, but he is the best NBA prospect I’ve seen from Duke since Kyrie. That might be a “Hot Take” but I like him over Tatum because I can see Kennard having a 15 year career filling his role no matter where he goes. If Tatum goes to the wrong team than his career can be shorter than most think.


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