Life is Hard

It’s hard to say you’ve been battling depression for 6 years. It’s hard to stay strong when it feels like your life is met with constant failure. Happiness seems bleak and you only experience it in doses. It’s hard to say that you feel like a failure. That your life would amount to nothing. To wake and know that people eventually leave you to pick up the pieces. To think that you’re being used and manipulated. It’s hard to realize that your life is a lie and you will be this way because you cannot accept help. You do not want it because you’re cynical about it. You’re constantly feeling like the next person is only there to get something from you. So you get everything from them and leave. It’s hard to know that life is a game and people are not genuine. When you’re down they care about your well being but when you appear to be up they let you go. This isn’t a reason to worry, these are just a way to understand. Understand that people always need you to be honest and upfront with them. Through good and bad. 


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