Lebron’s Greatness 

Today the Golden State Warriors face off against the Cleveland Cavaliers and it hit me. We are witnessing our modern day version of Lakers vs Celtics and let me tell you why. The NBA has changed everyone and it has changed for the better. People reject change more often than they think and this transition from big man first offense to positionless basketball has done wonders for the game. We see that culminating with the Warriors and the Cavaliers today. Two teams created two separate ways but play the same brand of basketball. Now for this article to work I need you to understand what I am trying to state, the Warriors are TEN TIMES BETTER THAN THE CAVALIERS. BUT LEBRON JAMES IS TEN TIMES BETTER THAN THE WARRIORS. 

Super Team Savant

Lebron James is the closest player we have ever seen to compare to Wilt Chamberlain. They were both prodigies and highly sought after high school prospects and were thought to change their sport for the better with their physical skills. Wilt gets unfairly criticized for the early portion of his career for never winning as many championships as Russell because he did not have a team like Russell did. He was force to do everything and when he came across the Celtics, that one man act came to a close. The same goes for Lebron and his first stint in Cleveland and his last two years in Miami. He did not have the help. Lebron led the team in scoring, rebounds, and assist for almost every year while playing 35+ mins a game. This is a tall task to ask of any man in the NBA, but Lebron isn’t just any man. 

For the past 13 years we have been treated to the greatest one man act in sports history. He has carried his teams to greatness every year and covers up all their flaws. When you look at the Cavaliers, they have many major flaws at key positions, but most never talk about it. Kyrie is probably the worse defensive superstar I have ever seen. Kevin Love pick and roll defense is abysmal. Tristan Thompson can only do one thing and that’s rebound. JR Smith is the most streaky shooter/defender to be so gifted, yet Lebron hides all of those flaws. 

Now I know people love to think that these guys are great on their own, but as a team they are NOTHING without Lebron. When Lebron does not play the team is 4-18 since he’s came back to Cleveland in 2014. This season he has played in three games where: Kyrie and Love have played and they are 0-3. The team averages around 110 pts per game with him and that falls to around 90 pts per game without him. Tyron Lue, Cavs head coach, credits that to them having many specialist, so they are not fully capable of stepping up while Lebron is out. Yet they have two All Stars, so they should elevate their play right??

Lebron is on his way to becoming tied with Jordan for greatest player ever and we will be scared to say it. I do not believe he can surpass Jordan but he definitely can tie him. His play is something that we have never seen and will never see. He is the greatest Swiss Army Knife any sport has ever seen. He is the equivalent of if Ben Zobrist had the talent of Mike Trout, baseball would lick their chops to praise him. Lebron is to the Cavaliers what Messi is to Argentina, they may have great players behind them, but without them they are nothing. 


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  1. I would like to see lebron on a team with other good players to see if he would be a ball hog or not because then we could really see if he is an all around good player. But Blake is a great player😝


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